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Here's how it works and how easy it is to get featured on an episode of the Know Where Project.

Step 1 - Contact Us or Submit a Business

Fill out the form below to submit your own business or submit a business you'd like to see featured on an episode of the Know Where Project. Fill in as much detail as you'd like to be share during the episode (social media, email, website, phone#, etc). Our main goal is to highlight the best features of your business and illustrate your value to our audience.

Step 2 - Schedule a Filming Date

We'll contact you to find a date, time and location where you would like to record your episode. Start thinking about the style of video you'd like... We can have a sit down interview, walking or hiking, following you at your job, a tour, or anything that best fits you and your business. Watch the previous episode for some ideas.

Step 3 - Film Your Episode

Filming takes 30 to 60 minutes of filming to create a 5 to 10 minute video. Don't worry about getting it all in one take as we do cuts and multiple takes. We know cameras can make people nervous, so we schedule extra time and can film as long as needed.

Step 4 - Share It to the World!

Next we publish your episode of the Know Where Project on our YouTube channel for your review as soon as it's edited. Then we'll schedule it to premier on Facebook and LinkedIn, then promote your video on our social media using clips and/or images during the week leading to your premier as well as on your premier date.

Step 5- We'll Send You a Copy of Everything

When everything is completed and released, we'll send you a copy of the episode and any content we created so you can share it directly to your own social media and network. Help us grow as well by tagging Know Where Project on each social media platform.

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