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Here's our process and how it works

Step One - Your Part

Fill out the form below with as much detail as you would like to share during the episode.

Speaking topics: Our main goal is to highlight the best features of your business and illustrate your value to our viewers. So fill in the top 3 or more speaking points you'd like to talk about during your episode of the Know Where Project.

Step Two - Schedule

Once the form is filled out we'll contact you to try to find a date, time and location where you would like to record your episode.

Fit to your style: This can be a sit down interview, or a mobile shoot following you on a walk or around your office. We'd like it to be a glimpse into your normal workday or visually relate to your business.


Step Three - Film it

Filming generally takes about an hour but also depends on how well we get through all of the questions. Don't worry about getting it all in one take (though that'd be awesome) we do cuts and multiple takes should we need to.

Our goal is to make the videos 3 to 10 minutes in length. So try to keep answers to the point and easily digestible by our viewers. Some topics do need more depth and that's fine as well.

We find that more people will watch shorter videos in their entirety so ideally we like to keep them as short as possible while still getting across your value.

Step Four - Share it!

When we're done filming we edit the video together and publish it online every Wednesday morning in the order of filming. When we film we will let you know the planned release date.

Once online you can share and tag yourself/business on the video in either YouTube or on our Facebook page. Also feel free to post any  behind the scenes pictures or video and tag us in it and we will do the same.

After everything is shared we'll send you a digital copy of the video and you are free to upload it directly to your own social media accounts.

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Get Known

Use the form below to help us create a focused episode that best express your value, services, and products to our viewers.

Please fill out as many topics and questions that you would like to include in your episode… The more thorough you are the better.

Thank you!