Meet the Know Where Project Team.

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Adam Hebert

Creator of the Know Where Project

Life is dope

I’m the guy behind the idea and the camera for Know Where Project. This Project has been on my mind for a long time as nothing more than an idea… Now, I’m making it a reality and bringing this project to life.

I own Epoch Moment Photography, a photo and video company here in Colorado Springs that is primarily focused on weddings and engagements. This is my full time career and allows me to travel around Colorado and the US visiting some of the most beautiful places and going to the best parties all year long.

I also own Epoch 365 which is a subsidiary company focused on video and product photography. Business promos and product related video, photo, and social content fall under this company for any local businesses wanting a more unique approach to their marketing content. Basically anything involving video, photo and digital content needed to help share and promote local  businesses.

I want to use my talents to make an impact on my community and I feel that, with the Know Where Project and Epoch 365, I can help several businesses affordably gain a new audience and grow their businesses to the next level of success. Plus it’s super fun and way better than traditional networking.

Want to be a partof the Know Where Project?

This is an ambitious project with a massive scope so I'm always in search of the right people to help make this project a massive success!

There's a multiple ways you can help the Know Where Project...

Become a Fan.

Become a fan on all of our social media, follow our content and share us and our content.

The larger our local audience the more value we can provide to our community. Tall your friends, family, and community about the Know Where Project. We operate all over Colorado and want to create content for every type of business and share their companies and stories.


Want to sponsor our videos or channel? Let's talk!

Get your name and brand in front of more people by sponsoring our videos or channel and reach a strong local audience every week. Our format is designed to include ad reads, promos, video ads and images in every video. You'll also get shout outs and links on all of our social platforms.

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Join the Team.

Do you have a passion in film, photography or simply helping businesses grow? Join me in the Know Where Project!

This is a massive scale project and the more people we have creating content, the further we can take it and faster.If you have the talent, time and desire to help out... Contact me and let's talk.

Contact me.


Don't have a business to promote but like the idea of the Know Where Project?

Donate to the project and help us reach more people. Any money earned through the Know Where Project goes back into it by upgrading gear, advertisements, and to cover travel expenses as we bounce all over Colorado and beyond.