Meet the team.

Adam Hebert

Creator & Co-Founder

I’m the guy behind the idea and the camera for Know Where Colorado. The Know Where Project was something that had been on my mind for a long time and it’s finally seeing the light of the internet with the help of Angelina. (Thank you!)

I own Epoch Moment Photography, a photo and video company here in Colorado Springs that is primarily focused on weddings and engagements. This allows me to travel around Colorado and the states visiting some of the most beautiful places and going to some of the best parties.

Aside from photography and video and just being a creative… I’m motivated by helping small businesses gain access to affordable quality digital marketing and creative services.

I don’t really enjoy talking about myself so I’ll wrap this up by simply saying… My life is dope.

Angelina Pecararo


Owner of Mint & Porter Design Co here in Colorado Springs and member to nearly all networking events in the city.

Creative professional that is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Technically savvy with a strong knowledge of developing, organizing, and maintaining content for graphic design, web development, marketing, and social media. Accustomed to maintaining a high productivity level with heavy workloads.

Co-Founder of the Know Where Project and the voice your hearing in the videos asking all of the questions. She’s also the one behind the logo and most of the social media and marketing.

Without her this project would probably still just be an idea.

Sunshine Lanning


Partner in both Epoch Moment Photography and the Know Where Project, Sunshine is a beam of light in this adventure. Eager to learn and share her own creative side into everything she does.

She’s usually there filming behind the scenes during film days and helping in every way she can with the creative process and social media.

As a natural creative she’s a huge asset for everything we are trying to accomplish with Epoch Moment and Know Where.

I’m super happy to have her on my team through all of this.